Original Coffee Wagon



1970's - 1990

The above pic was found in the collection of Mr. Robert Kefauver of The Volunteer Fire Company of Halfway.  This is believed to be the first unit used by a private group in the early 70's who went out to incidents and supplied coffee and sometimes sandwiches. 

This can not be confirmed due to no exact record.  However the unit place back in-service in 1985 resembled this vehicle but the paint job was different with no lettering.  It is believed that County Roads Department may have been preparing to use the vehicle for something else when it was re-painted. 

One night during a snow storm, the unit was used to go out and supply Hot Coffee for those stranded.  It was thought that if we can do this for citizens stranded, why not for firefighters on the scene of long calls.  This is when the unit was re-activated as Unit 255 and would serve Washington County for 5 more years before being replaced.



Unit 255



1990 - 1994

The above unit wad acquired from Howard County.   This unit was a mild upgrade from the original modified bread truck.  This unit served as Unit 255 for 4 years before being retired.  The unit was unfortunately taken out of service before it's replacement could be acquired. 

Special Unit 28 as 255


Army Ambulance


March 1994 - June 1994

For about four months from March 11th to June 5th of 1994, 255 members worked with Washington County Civil Defense personnel out of Company 28 who volunteered transport services to Unit 255 until their new unit could be placed in service.  Special Unit 28 ran quite a few calls when 255 Services were needed.


Rehab Unit 255



1994 - 2011

The above RV was the first unit to bare the name Rehab Unit 255.  This was the beginning of a new era in Fireground Operations.  The need for food and fluid replacement on incident scene were beginning to be recognized by fire and ems departments.  The food unit which was more of a luxury was now being given a new responsibility becoming a necessity of the fireground.  This unit served as Rehab Unit 255 for nearly 16 years as the need for good rehab began to grow.  This unit ran it's last call on January 6, 2011 to the 2 Alarm Fire in Hagerstown at the Moller Pipe Organ Building on North Prospect Street.



Rehab Unit 255



January 16, 2011

This unit would be our pride and joy!  Specked out using knowledge from past members who have been involved for over twenty years to current members looking towards the future of rehab in Washington County.  This unit was built from the ground up for our specific needs.  The unit is powered by a 20KW Generator and outfitted with three electric awnings on sides Bravo, Charlie and Delta.  This unit is equipped with misting fans, cooling chairs and a pop-up tent for the Rehab Sector use as well as a privacy section for various uses.  Along with the normal food and drinks, the unit is outfitted with commercial grade kitchen appliances. This unit is designed to operate in the rehab sector supporting EMS operations as well as supplying food and drink to emergency workers and other personnel at any type of incident it may be requested to respond too for Police, Fire or EMS.
Support Unit 255

Ford Transport Van


June of 2015